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Third party and in-house. Coding, building and deploying blockchains and smartcontracts

Upcoming events

Promoted and hosted events

    • Opening event

      November Meetup, Doha, November 5th

      QAR 55

    • Smart contracts

      Build your own smart contract, Dubai, November 22nd

      AED 2,499

    • ZCash Hackathon

      ZCash Hackathon, TBD



Nick Gorman
Nick Gorman | Co-Founder | Doha

Nick brings 9 years of digital asset management, infrastructure design and front-end development experience. He has launched multiple ERC 20 tokens and leads the technical training and development programmes.

Rhea Naidoo
Rhea Naidoo | Advisor | San Francisco

Rhea is a cybersecurity expert and engagement manager at McKinsey & Company. She brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to the foundation

Cameron McNoughton
Cameron McNoughton | Co-Founder | Doha

Cam is a leader in digital media marketing, brand management and growth hacking and brings over 10 years worth of knowledge to the team

Christian Becker | Co-Founder | Dubai

Christian is a veteran of the supply chain and logistics industry, having spent many years with gulf-based startups

Charles Nolan
Charles Nolan | Advisor | Doha

Charles is the VP of IT Strategy Governance Innovation for Qatar Airways and supports with over 30 years of expeirence in IT innovation

Duncan Pascoe
Duncan Pascoe | Cryptocurrency Specialist | Dubai

Duncan provides invaluable insights into assesing cryptocurrency projects, trading and utilizing tokens and building a robust portfolio of crypto assets.


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